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Limited Budget To Start Your Online Shop In 2018: Web Hosting + E-commerce + SSL + Chatbot

Wanted to start your online store business in more modern, cheaper, stable and secure way? This blog is a step by step guide to do:

Element Function Cost
GoDaddy Web-hosting Host your website US$1/month
WooCommerce E-commerce platform Store management (products, orders) free
ZeroSSL SSL certificate Secure the transactions free
Braintree Payment gateway Accept credit card payment free
Chatbot CMS WcBot 24/7 answer your customer questions US$29, one-off

Blog Disclaimer Notice:

  1. This is not a GoDaddy Ad.
  2. I'm the chatbot author

1. Monthly US$1 web hosting

Below is the slide shows you how to buy US$1 web-hosting from GoDaddy:

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2. Install WooCommerce

GoDaddy web-hosting is ready, below is the slide shows how to install WordPress and WooCommerce:

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3. Generate a free SSL certificate

The below slide shows how to obtain a free SSL certificate from ZeroSSL (many steps):

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4. Credit card payment gateway from Braintree

Some famous online business such as Uber, Airbnb has incorporated Braintree as a payment provider. The main reasons are the feature, price, and ease of use. In this article mentioned that Braintree is the lowest currency conversion rate when compared with other providers. Although transaction fees of all providers are almost the same (2.9% + $0.3), Braintree charges only 1% on currency conversion fee per transaction. This is the "real killer" to save income for international and large amount sales volume business owners.

Easily incorporates Braintree in WooCommerce to accept credit card

Firstly sign up a business account in Braintree portal. Fill the signup form with your business info such as name, address, contact, industry, and banker. Braintree soon to contact you and help you complete the account opening processes.

When your Braintree account is ready to go, the below slide shows how to incorporate Braintree into the WooCommerce:

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5. WooCommerce chatbot plugin

I am the author of WcBot. WcBot is a chatbot running on Facebook Messenger. It is a WooCommerce plugin costs US$29 (now free during beta period). WcBot has a built-in shopping cart. Your customer can buy the products and pay with their credit card directly inside the chatbot (not WooCommerce checkout). WcBot can also be integrated into WooCommerce site. Let's take a look at the quick demo video:

(This user manual describes how to integrate WcBot into website)

6. Conclusion

The sum of costs is $12.18 + $29.00 = $41.18 for first year. It includes:

  1. A year of GoDaddy web-hosting
  2. WooCommerce e-commerce platform
  3. SSL certificate
  4. Credit payment gateway
  5. WooCommerce chatbot plugin

Is it worth paying for your sideline?


  1. The SSL requires renew every 90 days
  2. Chatbot CMS WooCommerce (WcBot) now in beta stage until Jan 2018. Beta version is free