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Giving Facebook Chatbot intelligence with RiveScript, NodeJS server running in AWS Lambda serverless architecture

This is a long Blog describes how I build my Chatbot (named I’m Simon Chatbot) to demonstrate below features: The Chatbot talks with human via Facebook Messenger Chatbot server app running NodeJS (with ExpressJS framework) Giving an A.I. brain to the Chatbot with RiveScript The Chatbot server App hosts in AWS Lambda (comply with serverless architecture) User state management persistent via AWS DynamoDB Use Serverless framework for easy App deployment 1. Create a Facebook Page I want my Chatbot could be interfaced with my Facebook friends via Facebook Messenger. First of all, I need to create a Facebook page required by Messenger Platform . I make a funny banner picture and avatar to the Facebook Page as below: 2. Create an Facebook App and configure the Messenger Platform To accomplish chatting in Messenger, Facebook requires a Facebook App to define the configuration of the Chatbot web service. I create the App from the Facebook Developer website . As Facebook developer documentation