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How I develop the WooCommerce Chatbot

What is the Chatbot CMS I’ve developed and launched a WooCommerce chatbot (WcBot) business in January 2018. It is a mass commercial product. The chatbot main function is to connect between the WooCommerce and Facebook Messenger. See below diagram: The target clients are WooCommerce store owners. WcBot is actually a WordPress plugin. When the clients installed and activated the plugin, the chatbot can be added to the store like below screenshot: Chatbot features The benefits of WcBot for the shop owner: 1. Instantly answering the messages sent from Facebook Messenger like: “Show me the products” “List the category” “Which product price under 30?” “How about the price between 10 and 20?” “Find product tshirt” “View my shopping cart” Example reply screenshot: 2. WcBot has a built-in shopping cart. Wcbot supports whole buying experience inside the chatbot. The whole buying experience means that allows end-users to: Add item(s) to cart Review/Modify shopping cart items Input billing & s