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Edge computing with Cloudflare Workers and CouchDB

The “Speed” problem I’ve developed a Hong Kong based website (domestic parenting website) for my client in 2019. The site loads within 5 secs in Hong Kong. However, after I moved to Canada, the site loads more than 12 secs. It’s slower more than 100%. I suddenly realize that network latency is important for international users. To solve this obstacle, I proposed Edge Computing to the client. And I’ve developed several POCs (proof-of-concept). Finally, I chose Cloudflare Workers and CouchDB. The result of the new site is 444% faster. The new implementation is mentioned in the below sections. Introducing Cloudflare Workers The existing site is running on AWS Lambda . Obviously, it is not an edge computing platform. Though it has Lambda@Edge , Cloudflare Workers are still easy to develop, running faster and lower cost than others. As mentioned in Cloudflare Wiki , Cloudflare is a web-known CDN provider that had installed over 200 data centers around the world . In Mar