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Google Calendar Wordpress theme Steps by Steps

Introduction This blog describes how to build a Wordpress theme which the frontend displays a calendar (using jQuery FullCalendar). The Wordpress as backend which the PHP codes communicate with Google Calendar (via Google API service account) to perform loading/saving event(s). 15-seconds short demo outcome video (no sounds): System diagram of this tutorial: Note: Unlike other common tutorials, this tutorial chooses Server-to-Server communication approach . This does NOT require users to authenticate and consent. The Source Codes You can download the source codes from this Github repo Prerequisite WordPress 4.9+ PHP 7.0+ Composer 1.6+ A Google Account Initialize the backend project First of all, you’ll need to create a project directory. Link the directory to your WordPress theme directory (assume the WordPress is installed in /var/www/html ). The Linux command: $ mkdir google-calendar-wordpress $ cd google-calendar-wordpress $ ln -s $(pwd) /var/www/html/wp-content/themes/google-calen