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Limited Budget To Start Your Online Shop In 2018: Web Hosting + E-commerce + SSL + Chatbot

Wanted to start your online store business in a more modern, cheaper, stable, and secure way? This blog is a step by step guide to do:  Element  Function  Cost  GoDaddy Web-hosting  Host your website   US$1/month  WooCommerce E-commerce platform  Store management (products, orders)  free  ZeroSSL SSL certificate  Secure the transactions  free  Braintree Payment gateway  Accept credit card payment  free  Chatbot CMS WcBot  24/7 answer your customer questions  US$29, one-off Blog Disclaimer Notice This is not a GoDaddy Ad. I’m the chatbot author 1. Monthly US$1 web hosting Below is the slide shows you how to buy US$1 web-hosting from GoDaddy: (Click or left/right arrow keys to view next/prev slide) 2. Install WooCommerce GoDaddy web-hosting is ready, below is the slide shows how to install WordPress and WooCommerce: (Click or left/right arrow keys to view next/prev slide) 3. Generate a free SSL certificate The below slide shows how to obtain a free SSL certificate from ZeroSSL