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Beautiful Web Design With Semantic UI 2.2 and NodeJS Server-side Rendering

It’s worth pointing out that Semantic UI provides richer UI elements and robust features than Bootstrap 3/4. Semantic UI does contain more elements without the needs of 3rd party libraries. For examples: dropdown has built-in animation & search function. Step , Rating , Statistic are not existed in Bootstrap 3/4. Semantic UI comes with more than 20 themes. The CSS class names are more friendly to human words. (Semantic UI is available for download if you haven’t tried it yet, and want to.) This is a steps by steps guild show you how to create a basic Semantic UI theme, customize it, and setup the NodeJS server-side rendering development environment. Prerequisite This project leverages below technologies: Semantic UI 2.2 frontend framework NodeJS 6 or above server engine ExpressJS 4.15 server framework PUG 2 (Jade) template engine Gulp CLI 1.4 task runner LESS 2.2 CSS pre-processor Install NodeJS You can download & install the NodeJS from the official site or using NVM