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Comparing the UX of three payment processors and theirs NodeJS SDK (Paypal vs Braintree vs Stripe)

This Blogpost compares the payment experience from three popular payment processors: PayPal , Braintree , and Stripe . This comparison is from the developer’s point of view. This is NOT to compare the prices and services. We will only concern the payment experience and coding effort. We will do: Backend codes in NodeJS-Express. Frontend codes in Pug, jQuery, Bootstrap 4. Whole payment process flow and its appearance. Compare the three SDKs and evaluate security. Please note that all payment processes are in Sandbox (development) platform. The source codes are host in this Github repo Project setup First of all, you’ll need NodeJS . The version is: node -v && npm -v v6.10.3 5.4.2 Enter your payment access keys (PayPal, Braintree & Stripe) into the .env file. The content is: PAYPAL_MODE='[sandbox|production]' PAYPAL_CLIENT_ID='[Your PayPal Client Id]' PAYPAL_CLIENT_SECRET='[Your PayPal Client Secret]' BT_ENVIRONMENT='[Sandbox|Production]' BT_M