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Develop an intelligent Slack bot using Block UI for website administration

In conventional web site administration, web developers build an admin site to perform daily tasks such as query how many members register daily and block a user. The admin site development includes frontend and backend codes. The slack developer can do the same thing without any frontend code. Starting from Feb 2019, Slack provides a very powerful and beautiful UI component (Block UI): In this blog, we will develop a Slack bot to tell you how many users register today, or block a user. Take a look to below video: What is Slack? Slack is a collaboration hub where you and your team can work together. Like Whatsapp group, our team 50% of workers are working remotely and all communicate in Slack workspace. Why Slack? Slack provides SDK for developers to develop applications. Below sections will show you how to develop a Slack Bot (Chatbot application). It works like a colleague to perform backend tasks. The bot can recognize below messages: How many users registered today? Block user NNN